Sunday, 11 May 2014

I am SO Exited!

I am forever on a quest to get the perfect lashes! Although mine are long, I find they are thin with no curl. I would wear fake eyelashes everyday if I had the patience for it, and that my eyes were not as sensitive!

I present to you the next product that I'm extremely excited to receive! The product is Fibre Lash by ModelCo. I originally saw it in Boots for £35.00, but I purchased it on-line for £10 cheaper! The product works in a 3 step system. Apply lash mascara, then apply the white fibres which build extended length, 3rd  and finally coat with black mascara, it says it washes of easily too!

I cannot wait, I have heard there are so cheaper alternative mainly being Alpha Lash  but I hope this satisfies my need for having perfect lashes!

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