Tuesday, 21 August 2012

MMM... Origins Gloomaway

MMM... Origins Gloomaway


RRP £19.00

Origins Gloomaway smells nothing besides pure indulgence and brings a lot of pleasure to a basic morning shower. Originally I purchased gloomaway on a one off too exfoliate my skin for holiday, but came obsessed at how intoxicating the scent was every time I showered.

Gloomaway is described to be good for dry rough skin, and with my main concern being my upper arms always being rough and blotchy, I considered this would be a good exfoliant to help remove some excess skin cells.

One bottle down the product didn't cause miracles, but what I like about gloomaway beyond the scent was the texture. I honestly dislike scrubs that apply to the body like a paste, but I am also a snob when it comes to the granules, They have to feel course and deep cleansing, in which gloomaways done a perfect job.

For these reasons I would purchase when I'm feeling a little decadent again, but mainly because the product itself is like sunlight in a tube. 

Friday, 1 June 2012

Origins Youthtopia Review

Origins Youthtopia Foundation

RRP £25.00

Available at origins.co.uk

I'm a big fan of origins product, I have a lot of comfort on knowing what I am putting on my skin is made from natural ingredients and to discover a liquid foundation I can feel how my skin is screaming out in pleasure to be free from synthetic ingredients.

Personally I LOVE this foundation, and I have just ran out of my second bottle, and YES I am planning to repurchase ASAP. I wear the colour Light 02 which is perfect for anyone out there fair skinned and wanting a healthy glow. 

Now I know origins have had a huge revamp with their cosmetic line and the foundation shades are now in a range of warm and cool shades. I have yet to find out which one is similar to my Light 02 which is the goldilocks of perfect neither to orange or yellow for my fair skin.

Origins makes the description of this foundation sound like a treatment for maturer skins, with the main ingredient being Rhodiola which is proven to firm skin.

"Helps to make imperfections virtually disappear & lines and wrinkles appear softened. Skin is transformed and looks firmer and more resilient instantly. Origins proven, patented Rhodiola Rosea anti-ageing technology plus natural collagen-supporting Soy Peptides do the heavy lifting while flawless coverage and stay-true color create a super-smooth, radiant finish. Won't settle into creases or magnify flaws. Worn over time, skin actualy becomes measurably more young-looking."

While I am hardly even approaching my 30's, what drew me to this foundation is its colour, texture and coverage. The texture is very watery but offers amazing coverage, no, don't get me wrong its not industrial strength concealer, but my skin is far from perfect and I can be prone to dark circle under my eyes, and yet this foundation was more then enough to give me enough coverage to conceal them. I didn't feel caked and in fact it made my skin feel quite "free" and "fresh". Bonus!

Personally I'm not sure if this foundation made my skin "feel firmer" or "lifted", but since I am not the targeted age group my opinion could be bias Origins does have a whole family of Youthtopia products from eye creams, serums, and moistures which all do recieve rave reviews.

What I can tell you is this, the foundation does make your skin look so smooth and radient, and my only qualm is at the end of the day it does start showing signs of wear. So a good finishing powder is needed in those t-zone areas.

 I rate this foundation 4.5 out of 5.

It is the perfect foundation for anyone who hates thick foundations but is wanting a product that offers medium coverage. Its illuminating with a smooth dewy finish and perfect for those summer months. It comes in a range of colours and blend beautifully into the skin. It's only flaw is the foundation needs that extra bit of ommfph for staying in place on area's such as the nose etc.

Has anyone else tried out this foundation? What are your views and thoughts?