Tuesday, 21 August 2012

MMM... Origins Gloomaway

MMM... Origins Gloomaway


RRP £19.00

Origins Gloomaway smells nothing besides pure indulgence and brings a lot of pleasure to a basic morning shower. Originally I purchased gloomaway on a one off too exfoliate my skin for holiday, but came obsessed at how intoxicating the scent was every time I showered.

Gloomaway is described to be good for dry rough skin, and with my main concern being my upper arms always being rough and blotchy, I considered this would be a good exfoliant to help remove some excess skin cells.

One bottle down the product didn't cause miracles, but what I like about gloomaway beyond the scent was the texture. I honestly dislike scrubs that apply to the body like a paste, but I am also a snob when it comes to the granules, They have to feel course and deep cleansing, in which gloomaways done a perfect job.

For these reasons I would purchase when I'm feeling a little decadent again, but mainly because the product itself is like sunlight in a tube. 

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