Sunday, 18 August 2013

Illamasqua Mystery Box Unboxed

I was so excited when I saw this box! I walked past these boxes in the Southampton Debenhams, when I was trying to hunt down a bag that I saw previously in another Debenhams store, and I am so glad I noticed them!

I was originally picked up the eye and nail mystery box for £17.50 which contained
  • Precision ink in Glister (opalescent nude). Can be used as a liquid eyeliner or nail art pen.
  • Liquid metal in Electrum (rich metallic cream in antique gold). Can be used on eyes, face and body.
  • 2 x nail varnishes in mystery shades
  • 2 x powder eye shadows in mystery shades

But I decided the Illamsqua Alter Ego box for £19, had a better selection of products for me to try out.

  • Nail varnish in Collide (bright neon pink).
  • Liquid metal in Electrum (rich metallic cream in antique gold). Can be used on eyes, face and body
  • 1 x lipstick in mystery shade
  • 1 x blusher in mystery shade
  • 1 x lipgloss in mystery shade
  • 1 x eyeshadow in mystery shade

This is what I got inside my Box!

First look in my box, really impressed!
I got the lipstick colour tramp, which is described as classic rose red, with a matte finish, the colour has been discontinued by Illamasqua.

Tramp By Illamasqua, Excellent name.

Eye-shadow Colour called "Lestat" which is another discontinued product, and is described as a pure black, with a matte finished.

Lestat by Illamsqua, works brilliantly with my liquid metal too.

I initially thought this was the worse pick off the bunch, as I have other black eye shadows and the drop under the eyes is horrendous, and with it being highly pigmented I thought the colour would be too strong. But its actually very smokey, works well with other colours, and I can use it with my sealing gel as a eye-liner.

The other lip product I got was an intense lip gloss called "femme" which I looks really vivid, but comes out as a beautiful intense coral, and is the perfect colour for every day use. yet again this is another discontinued product by illamasqua, 

Femme by Illamasqua

Blusher in "unrequited" which is a soft baby pink, super pigmented, and it has a nice warm tone to give the skin added radiance.
Unrequited By Illamasqua

Here are my swatches of the guaranteed products I got in the box.

Firstly my liquid metal by in Electrum which can be used anywhere on the face on body, It would be so nice to use on the face as a highlighter, but for my pale complexion is too strong, but I love love love gold eye shadows, and would be perfect as a eye liner, When swatched the product doesn't feel greasy and leaves no residue at all.
Electrum by Illamasqua

The nail varnish collide is a lovely hot pink, really cheerful, and wow! I have purchased a few other illamasqua nail varnish before so I know what they live up to expectation wise, illamasqua never fail to produce nothing but exceptional nail varnishes which are highly pigmented, and long lasing, and I am so glad to have this one is in my collection.

2 coats of Collide by Illamasqua, 2nd day no chips yet.

Overall I am so happy with what i got in my mystery box, normally some form of a goodie bag or mystery box means that they are excess, and discontinued colours. So there is a risk involved off getting some awful colours, that you might not actually use, but everything I received in this box is perfect, and I actually regret not picking up the eye and nail box now! 

But if you past one of these on your travels, pick one up! An illamsqua eye shadow retails for about £15.50 alone, so with everything you get in the box, they are well worth the money!

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